KBmorse v1 is a computer keyboard morse code sender.

By connecting the computer to a transceiver the program provides the following
Speed selection from 10 to 30 wpm selectable at any time on request to QRS or QRF.
Ten preset memories for text called by pressing one of ten function keys.
Input of call signs for your call and the station called.
Automatically inserted of the callsigns into the preset text when required.
All the normal barred codes, SK, CT, AR, IMI, by keyboard symbols.
Sending from a text file.
Connection of a straight or paddle key with iambic keying for a twin paddle.
Com port or printer port connection to key the transceiver.
Provision of optional side tone.
You can Download kbmv1.exe The installation program here

KBmorse is freeware, if you have any suggestions for improvement I would be pleased to hear from you.

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