This program was written at the instigation of Bob Treacher, BRS32525 who writes the SWL News column in RADCOM (the journal of the RSGB). It is for use in the CQWW contest for SWLs run by Bob.

This program is freeware.

EasiCQWW V3.0 is a DOS program but can be run under DOS or Windows. Memory requirements are very small and it will run on any system with a minimum of 256K memory and one floppy drive. However a hard drive will speed things up and will allow a larger log, the limit of which is 32,000 entries.

The following facilities are provided:

On-line logging with accumulated score.

Off-line logging with accumulated score.

Log score recheck.

Log display and printout

Multiplier check list print out.

Contest Cover Sheet.

The latest version now includes:
1. Countries wanted chart.
2. Pop up choice for multiple country prefixes (FO, VP8, etc.).
3. Swap station heard and station worked with ALT-S.
4. Scores TA1 and TA2 but only one multiplier.
5. Scores IG9/IH9 and I but only one multiplier.

You can Download CQWW30.EXE a self extracting zipped file

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