EasiSWL V2

Provides a Short Wave Listeners Log that should make your life a little easier.

On-line and Off-line logging is provided with previously heard alert.

DXCC countries heard with new country alert.

Locator fields and squares heard is kept on the VHF bands 6 metres to 70cm.

Databases search and updated while logging.

Text entries, Operator, Receiver and Antenna logged.

QSL printout.

Log print out.

Log search and browse.

DXCC status display.

Facilities to import ADIF and EasiLOG logs and export ADIF logs.

Maximum log size 120,000 entries. Any number of logs.

Minimum system requirements a PC with WINDOWS fom 95 on.

You can Download esv2.exe The EasiSWL installation program

You can Download es2.exe An update of the main program only

EasiSWL is now free, but I would appreciate an e-mail if you like it.

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