WDMORSE This is the latest version of DMORSE for Windows, all the facilities of DMORSE have been incorporated and are as described below.

You can Download WDMORSEV1.EXE set up program here

WSMORSE This is a version of WDMORSE for the visually impaired.

You can Download WSMORSEV1.EXE set up program here

WDMORSE V1 teaches Morse Code in simple steps. It is useful both for those starting to learn morse and for those who wish to increase their speed.

There are five basic lessons, four lessons each teach a group of letters, the fifth lesson teach numbers. A sixth lesson allows practice of letters and numbers mixed. A seventh lesson teaches punctuation and symbols.

Speed can be selected from 1 to 40 words per minute, spaces between words can be selected and the sound frequency can set.

Additional facilities are provided to send any typed message, typical QSO phrases, a 40 word test and a text file from disc.

By connecting a Morse key to a Com port the program will decode your Morse. There is also a facility for a Paddle key, either a single or dual paddle can connected, in the latter case Iambic keying is provided. Sidetone is provided from the PC speaker or sound card.

The Morse code is contained in the file DMORSE.CDE. It consists of the ASCII code in decimal followed by a comma then the code in full stops and dashes. These can be added to or changed. The maximum number of elements allowed is 7. Continental character codes can be added with this capability. ASCII values 0 to 255 are allowed.

The groups of letters used in the lessons are contained in the file DMORSE.GRP and you may change these if you wish.

I hope you get some help and enjoyment from this program. If you are a learner, I wish you the best of luck. This program taught me and I was lucky enough to pass first time.

A version of the program for reading morse and generating text files, a simple Notepad, is RMORSE.EXE.

You can download RMORSE.EXE and the instructions RMORSE.TXT

DMorse and RMorse are freeware. They are DOS programs and may not operate correctly from the Windows, if not exit Windows to run them.

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